About us

Family Challenge is a part of the Transform World movement (that has its mission to serve communities of servant-catalysts engaged in God’s mission of transformation by catalysing and connecting them together in consultation with people and communication resources, to equip the body in motivating the whole Church to bless the nations through prayer and collaborative action to see all nations redeemed, restored, and transformed, as cultures increasingly reflect the value system of the Kingdom of God) and Word Evangelical Alliance

We are an initiative that focuses on developing the culture of discipleship of the home as a part of the disciple-making structure of your corporate church. Currently, you are among the minority of leaders globally in pursuit of this pioneering ministry.

Global Family Challenge was born in response to Transform World’s mission to address the critical crises facing the church of today. These crises are addressed by tackling these areas:

  • 7 Challenges of our day, through 
  • 7 spheres or domains of cultural influence, in 
  • 10 geographical regions of the globe, across
  • 3 generations

You can find out more about Transform World and its going-ons here: 


One of the 7 Challenges of our day is the family. As the family is keenly on Satan’s radar, it is under severe attack. Hence, the Global Family Challenge was initiated in hopes of catalysing churches to rise up against the Enemy’s attacks. Our goals are: 

  1. To sound the alarm that our homes and churches are under attack. 
  2. To encourage and equip churches to develop a culture of home discipleship. 
  3. To build strong families and thereby churches that are able to withstand the fiery arrows of our time.

How do we begin to accomplish these goals? 

Through the DO Home Churchwide Conversations Initiative which consists of: 

  1. The DO Home Survey. This brief tool allows us to quickly assess the perceived and actual health of the individuals that make up the families in the church.
  2. The DO Home Conversations. These resources are available to churches as they journey through building up family discipleship.